Thank you so much for guiding me on this journey. From our first meeting I knew I was in a safe place. You understood what I was going through long before I did. Once I had accepted that I needed to grieve, I knew I would be safe with you. It was extremely difficult at times but I knew that I had to go through it to get to THIS side. You made it easy, (although it may not have looked like that when I had a crying snotty face.) You reassured me that I would be OK when it didn’t feel like it but you were right. I am OK!
My journey was fascinating, interesting, and incredibly hard at times. I loved having “homework”. I learned about myself and it also made me feel like I was doing all I could to help myself. I learned to let go and cry.
You were kind and sensitive but more importantly you were tough and strict with me when I needed it. When I had little or big victories during the week, I began to look forward to telling you about them. Now I know I was telling you that I was getting better and stronger and figuring things out.
I feel that our last session was so positive and that you could see a completely different person from the one you first met. You have armed me with tools for life. I am finally feeling like myself again and I am completely surrounded by amazing friends and support.
Your future clients will be so lucky to be guided on their journeys with you. You are kind like a Dad when needed and tough like a Headmaster when required.
I remember saying I wanted to “feel like me again”
…and I DO
…but a Stronger and Wiser version of Me!

The last eight weeks I’ve been having CBT counselling sessions with Rory Cameron for anxiety issues and the change in me has been unreal. I wasn’t feeling myself and I needed help and I got it. Thank you so much Rory for helping me to get back on track. You deserve a medal.